Bird List – Northern Territory, Australia

These are the confirmed birds seen in the Northern Territory, primarily:

Corroboree Billabong

Anbangbang Billabong

Fogg Dam Reservoir

  • Magpie goose
  • White-bellied sea eagle
  • Jabiru (black-necked stork)
  • Great-billed heron
  • White-necked heron
  • Pied heron
  • Cattle egret
  • LIttle egret
  • Great egret
  • Pied cormorant
  • Straw-necked ibis
  • Australian white ibis
  • Australasian darter
  • Royal spoonbill
  • Tawny frogmouth
  • Peaceful dove
  • Striated heron (mangrove heron)
  • Galahs
  • Swamp harrier
  • Sulfur-crested cockatoo
  • Little Corella
  • Rainbow lorikeet
  • Barking owl (heard, not seen)
  • Rainbow bee-eater
  • Black kite
  • Magpie lark
  • Jacana
  • Brolga (Australian crane)
  • Caspian tern
  • White-breasted woodswallow
  • Red-tailed black cockatoo

And a bunch of gulls and more raptors….but I’m not so great at identifying those.

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