Some travelers dislike Honolulu and Waikiki – too touristy, they say.  Too commercial, they say; nowhere near as beautiful as Maui or the big island.  Those things may be true, but if this is the worst Hawaii has to offer, I say “bring it on!”

I find Hawaii irresistible – it makes me think of words I rarely use about a place, or anything else for that matter: captivating, entrancing, bewitching – all words that indicate there may be some powerful magic lurking under these islands to cloud the travelers minds and make him or her fall in love with hula music.   



The enchantment lingers, even when watching guests snorkel in a hotel pool, possibly on a quest to find some of that elusive “coral” they’ve heard so much about back home in Kansas. 


So put on your grass skirt, fire up the luau, put on the YouTube victrola and while away a splendid hour conjuring images of sunsets and pineapple ice cream.

Traditional Hawaiian Music


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