Fire-Starter Birds

The Black Kite (Milvus migrans)

Aboriginal name BuludjiIts

These birds of prey are attracted to fire and smoke where they gather in huge numbers to hunt fleeing rodents, insects and lizards.

It is known as the fire-starter bird by the Aborigines, who tell stories of the birds intentionally picking up burning twigs and dropping them in patches of unburnt grass to flush out prey.

2 thoughts on “Fire-Starter Birds

  1. I live in Canada and we have aboriginal people too. So your JT in NYC means nothing…NEW YOR CITY?? I had to read the small print about related bird articles to find the word AUSTRALIA. I was talking to a FIRST NATIONS person, as they are called in .Canada, and he was telling me he saw a fire starter bird…but our conversation at the line up in the bank got cut short…so I thought I’d Google the bird. Please have the word AUSTRALIA, more prominently displayed for clarity for others in the world.

    • Jean Bentley, I’m guessing you were absent the day they gave out the ‘Nice Canadian’ gene.

      Your conversation in line at the bank with this individual was probably cut short because he wanted to get as far away from you as quickly as possible.

      And finally, where’s YOUR blog so we can micro-critique it?

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